10 Amazon myths examined

One of the most widely used sites around the world, for shopping and now other reasons as well, is none other than the marketplace behemoth of Amazon. However, with so much hustle and bustle occurring in and around the site, there are numerous myths and falsities that have been spread about the site. Understanding the nuances and details of how the e-commerce platform works, and the specifics on different membership types, is crucial in being able to use it effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Amazon Prime has an estimated membership of 90 million people.
  • With the growth of Amazon Marketplace, the company is focusing more on solving the problem of counterfeit goods.
  • It seems that Amazon?s rise is partially responsible for the ?retail apocalypse? where more and more retailers are closing up shop and claiming bankruptcy.

“Here are 10 of the most prolific questions, queries and concerns about Amazon ? and how they stack up against reality.”

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