3 Reasons Customers Aren’t Leaving Reviews on Amazon

Amazon wants their customers to be engaged in a very active manner but lately, they have not been getting the responses that they want. There is no secret that Amazon handles a ton of traffic on a daily basis and customers are generally happy with the service. That is a huge reason as to why they keep using Amazon for their daily shopping needs. However, Amazon wants them to leave reviews to show just how many people are using their site.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon is one of the largest and most well used companies in the entire world right now.
  • Amazon wants their customers to show that they use their platform as that drives engagement.
  • By maintaining customers like this, Amazon can ensure that more people will come to use their services.

“Not only does sending emails out to customers after they have your product in their hands bring in reviews as a whole, but it can also help avoid any negative feedback.”

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