Amazon Ad Management

Maximizing every advertising dollar is the reason we developed the Grow, Balance, and Concentrate (G.B.C.) System for Amazon Ads. It is the foundation for our clients’ success and the reason they reach their goals with predictable precision.

The origin of the system came out of frustration. There were some clients that we would do amazingly well for and others that would leave after a few months because we could perform. Just like an Amazon seller who wants predictable sales, we wanted predictable results for our clients.

So we took a step back, and analyzed the rules and actions that we were performing on various campaigns. During this analysis we saw patterns emerge and with these unique combinations each stage was born.

Now, with our system, we are able to define the goal of each product on the fly, assign a set of rules and tasks, and reliably meet the goals of our clients’.


When a product needs a push in daily sales velocity we turn to this stage. Everything we do is focused on aggressively expanding the campaigns to gain maximum exposure. The two main focuses are on weekly keyword expansion and bidding aggressively to push the listing over the competition.

Stage Focus:

Increase Bids and Spend

The frequency your product is seen and the position your product is placed while advertising impacts your sales. We make sure that you don’t have to worry about buyers missing out on the opportunity to purchase your product because the competition showed up first.

Aggressive Seeding of New Keywords

The more search terms your product shows up for, the more sales you will generate. You can rest assured that we will reach new audiences that are looking for your product.


After the initial boost in sales velocity, profit AND growth become priorities. The way to balance these priorities is by sacrificing some sales volume in order to get more profitable.

Stage Focus:

Profitable Keyword Expansion

As sales accumulate, certain keywords will emerge as the clear winners. During this stage, we will focus the bulk of our keyword expansion efforts on those proven keywords. This leads to a reduction of advertising budgets and an increase in profits. Two improvements that you will come to enjoy during this stage.

Self-Funding Campaigns

Finding that balance between sales volume and profit is critical for long-term growth. By making this our goal, we achieve campaigns that use the profits from the advertised products to fund the entire marketing budget. Freeing up that additional capital brings a much needed relief that you deserve.


At a certain stage, expansion starts to become more costly and more difficult to achieve. This is when we make it a priority to scale back expansion and focus almost entirely on profitable sales.

Stage Focus:

Reduce Expansion

Instead of adding new keywords to the campaign, we focus on reduction. By eliminating expansion, we reduce that expense and allow you to turn to additional areas in your business that might need more investment.

Increased Profitability

From the bids to the keyword match-type, every detail of the campaign is continually assessed for profitability. You can rest assured that every keyword is returning far more than it is spending. Taking one less worry off your plate.