Amazon Advertising increasingly important & 3x effective as Google

Amazon advertising is also remarkably effective, with a Q2 2018 Digitalmarketing report that amazon products andheadline search ads have a conversation rate of three to three and a half time of google ads.Amazons next step will be to launch them on non amazons platform and enable brands to run ads across the internet and not just on amazon sites. Amazon just reported their Q2 2018 results.Amazon advertising is one of the stars in their inventory once again

Key Takeaways:

  • Since Amazon Advertising was introduced in Q1-2016, its sales have quadrupled to $2.19 Billion.
  • According to Merle, as of Q2-2018, Amazon Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads have a conversion rate three times that of Google Shopping.
  • In the future, Amazon Advertising will seek to expand beyond just advertising on Amazon-owned sites.

“Amazon just reported their Q2 2018 results and one of the stars in their inventory is once again Amazon Advertising which saw strong growth and is now a multi-billion dollar business.”

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