Amazon Marketing Management

Increase your Amazon Sales, Profits, and Brand Exposure.

Just a Few Benefits We'll Deliver to You...

  • Free up time to work on your business instead of in your ad campaigns.
  • Reach new customers and build brand recognition.
  • Increase the profits that your ad camapaigns deliver.
  • Improve organic listing keyword rankings.
  • Get ahead of your competitors using everything Amazon offers.
  • Truly understand your ad campaigns with expert help and reporting.

The System & Sales Difference

Complete Amazon Ad Management System

We use our proprietary G.B.C. Ad Management Philosphy and System to deliver the results your expect and deserve. Depending on what your current goals are, we strive to adjust your ads to hit your target Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) for each campaign. As your goals change, so does the strategy.

Listing Optimization and A/B Testing

Optimizing your Amazon listings can make a massive impact in both the advertising campaign perofrmance and the overall sales performance. We take the extra step to help improve your listings and through a measured and systematic process, we will help modify the listings to sell more and perform much higher than before.

Expand Advertising Outside of Amazon

While our primary emphasis is on making your Amazon ad campaigns perform. We realize that there are great opportunities outside of Amazon as well. With over  decade worth of experience running Google Ads and Facebook ad campaigns, we can help expand your reach on these platforms as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your goals and what makes the most sense, we have two different options:

  1. Flat-Rate: Our flat-rate management fee starts at $1,000 a month and depending on the complexity and the scope of the project, will increase accordingly.
  2. Performance Based: This is negotiated with each individual seller and is typically calculated on the revenue that we generate on your behalf.

In addition to a monthly charge, a one-time setup fee will be required in most cases. Again, this is entirely negotiated and dependent on the scope of the project.

For most categories on Amazon we recommend a minimum of $50/day per product. This is typically enough to generate enough sales to cover both our fees and provide your company with a nice return on your investment.

Unfortunately no. The advertising platform and marketing techniques for books are entirely different than what we use for advertising physical products.

We are pretty open to the types of clients that we work with. However, if we already have a client that sells something similar or exactly like your product, we will won't be able to work together because of a conflict of interest.

In addition, we find the most success with brands that are already registered with Amazon, aren't struggling with buy box issues, and are in a category that can be advertised.

With that being said, feel free to submit your information below and we will be able to help you if you are on the fence and aren't sure.

We do not require any type of time commitment. We feel that if we are doing a great job, you will want to continue working with us. However, we highly recommend that clients commit to working with us for 3 months, as that is usually enough time to see positive progress.

We can! Before we started working with the Amazon advertising platform, we were building funnels and managing Google Ads and Facebook ad campaigns. However, we do not manage Google Shopping campaigns at this time.

Have any additional questions? Let’s schedule a discovery call and see if we can help. 

How to Get Started

In just 3 easy steps we can help get you on track to reach your goals…

Step 1: Request a Free Amazon Account Audit

We will review your application, and if we feel that we are a good fit, we will jump on a call, get some more details and get started on the audit.

Step 2: Receive Your New Amazon Marketing Plan

We will design a plan that help you understand what is and isn’t working in your Amazon ad campaigns. We will also outline our action plan to help you accomplish your goals.

Step 3: We Get To Work and Start Delivering Results

We will get started and take the burden off of you. Giving you the peace of mind to know that your campaigns are being expertly managed to achieve your goals – without wasting your money or time.