Amazon PPC Course 2 : Amazon PPC Budget & Amazon Acos Calculation

As Amazon becomes an even more competitive marketplace, it?s critical for sellers to get their products noticed! Amazon Pay-Per-Click, otherwise known as Amazon PPC, can help you do that. Use the tools available to you as an Amazon seller, such as the ACoS Calculator, SellerApp, and Performance Dashboard, to be accurate and make the most of your campaigns. Once you set a budget for your Amazon PPC campaigns, you will be able to control your advertising costs while optimizing your ultimate business goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • As there begins to be more and more people using the platform, it will get harder.
  • The most competitive people in the world are recognizing the platform for what it is.
  • There are so many people making a ton of money just by learning through Amazon.

“Before you go to your Amazon dashboard and set up your campaign, you first need to ask yourself how much you can afford to spend on advertising. You need to have a figure in mind which will allow you to create an effective marketing campaign on Amazon, without eating into your profits.”

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