Complete Amazon PPC Management

Everything you need to grow your sales and brand on Amazon.

To build your brand, and reach your customers on Amazon,
advertising isn’t optional

But there’s a problem…

  • There’s information overload
  • You Don’t Have a Proven Plan
  • Mistakes are expensive
  • What you’ve tried hasn’t worked
  • Revenue Growth isn’t Happening
  • Your Advertising Seems like a money pit

We have the experience to know what works. How to design a customized plan that is effective. And the skills to deliver the results you deserve.

Your Plan for Game-Changing Amazon Advertising

Knowing whether we are a good fit for each other starts with a simple conversation.

Step 1: Schedule Your Discovery Call

The discovery call is designed to see if we are a good fit and get a better understanding of your unique business, situation, and goals.

Step 2: Receive Your G.B.C. Amazon Marketing Plan​

The G.B.C. Amazon Ad Plan helps us get crystal clear on what is and isn’t working in your Amazon ad campaigns. It also outlines our action plan that will help you accomplish your goals.

Step 3: We Get To Work and Start Delivering Results​

Have peace of mind knowing that your campaigns are set up correctly, carefully tended to, and being managed to achieve your goals — without wasting money or time.

What Makes Us Different…

Our specialty centers around managing Amazon PPC management and listing optimization for our clients selling on Amazon. Running a successful advertising strategy is complicated enough, and we have found that by limiting our scope to these two specialties we deliver a superior result that our clients expect and deserve.

The Secret to our Amazon PPC Management Services

  • Overview
  • Growth
  • Balance
  • Consolidate
Sales 100%
Profit 100%
Brand Exposure 100%

The reason that we developed our Growth, Balance, and Consolidate (G.B.C.) system for managing your Amazon ad campaigns was to develop a repeatable data driven management process that we could deliver superior results to Amazon sellers no matter what stage they were at.

Initially, we took a step back, and analyzed what management actions were delivering excellent returns for our best-performing and low ACoS Amazon sponsored advertising campaigns. We saw patterns emerging and started categorizing the focus of each activity as either something that helped grow sales, maximize profits, or find a balance between growth and profitability.

The trick to making our system work comes from the flexibility of being able to adjust the system for each individual product and Amazon PPC campaign that you are running. In certain cases, you might want to increase sales for products where excess inventory is an issue. In other cases, you might want to maximize profitability for a product that has excellent margins.

No matter your goals, our PPC management system is designed to maximize every advertising dollar you spend with Amazon and adapt to your goals as quickly as the change.

Sales 100%
Profit 40%
Brand Exposure 100%


The growth protocols are designed for products that need more sales volume. Everything we do is focused on aggressively expanding the campaigns to maximize the exposure on Amazon.

This includes increasing our advertising efforts on Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display.

Additionally, we tend to be more aggressive with our bidding and overall management of the Amazon campaigns to increase exposure while keeping a close eye on ad spend.

  • Testing New Campaign and Targeting Strategies

    The frequency your product is seen in the search results and the position your Amazon product is placed while advertising on Amazon impacts your sales. That is why we fully utilized all advertising options such as Product Display ads, Sponsored Brands, and every other advertising opportunity Amazon makes available. We make sure that you don’t have to worry about buyers missing out on the opportunity to purchase your product because the competition showed up first.

  • Expanding Existing PPC Campaigns

    Between keyword research, testing new match types, and adjusting bids, we do our best to capitalize on what is already working within your Amazon PPC campaigns. This helps to keep wasted ad spend to a minimum while at the same time providing the growth that is needed.

Our Amazon PPC Management System
Sales 75%
Profit 75%
Brand Exposure 85%


Once we have reached a sales volume on Amazon that meets your goals, we will switch to a more balanced approach that places equal emphasis on profitability and growth.

Because of this, some of our sales volume is reduced, but with the increased profitability, this usually isn’t an issue.

  • Conservative Expansion

    Instead of testing new targeting and conducting further keyword research, we will pull back our efforts. Instead, we focus our management on the best performing campaigns and opportunities to expand within them.

  • Self-Funding Advertising Campaigns

    We also focus on building campaigns that fund themselves. By achieving this balance, you still get the exposure on Amazon that your products need to remain competitive, but you also free up additional marketing dollars that can be used for inventory, additional campaigns, etc…

Sales 70%
Profit 100%
Brand Exposure 70%


When profitability becomes the primary focus and/or expansion becomes cost prohibitive, we switch our management to our consolidation protocols.

During this stage, we make it a priority to scale back expansion and focus on maximizing profitability for our best PPC campaigns and reducing advertising cost.

  • Reducing Expansion

    Instead of regularly adding new keywords to the campaign, we focus on reduction. By reducing expansion, we increase your profitability and concentrate on the campaigns that are delivering profit.

  • Fine-Tuning Targeting

    From the bids to the keyword match-type, every detail of the campaign is continually assessed for profitability. You can rest assured that every keyword is returning far more than it is spending. Taking one less worry off your plate.

Investment for Our Amazon PPC Management Services

Our pricing is a little different from most…

Instead of charging you based on your monthly PPC spend, we charge a monthly retainer plus a performance-based bonus based on advertising revenue if we satisfy our Performance Guarantee.

Pricing Starting At:


Our Performance Guarantee:

Together we agree on a realistic target total monthly ACoS that the Amazon PPC campaigns need to be below.

  • Above Target ACoS: We only receive our monthly retainer.
  • Below Target ACoS: We receive our retainer and the performance bonus.

By aligning our success to your success, we manage the campaigns as if they were our own.

What’s Included:

Account Setup:

  • PPC and Organic Competitive Analysis
  • Amazon Keyword and ASIN Research
  • Establish ASIN Profit Margins
  • Bid and Budget Adjustments
  • New Amazon Campaign Builds
  • Rebuild Existing Campaigns (as necessary)
  • Audit Amazon Product Pages

Weekly Optimization:

  • Optimized Bid Management
  • Negative Keywords / Search Term Research
  • Campaign Keyword and Targeting Expansion
  • A/B Headline Search Ad Testing
  • Includes management of all Amazon Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display campaigns.

Monthly Optimization:

  • Monthly PPC Campaign Audit
  • New Amazon Campaign Builds
  • ASIN Inclusion/Exclusion
  • Customized PPC Reporting
  • Amazon Listing Optimization Suggestions
  • Product Campaign Suggestions