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The Challenge of Advertising on Amazon

Understanding Competition, Advertising Algorithms, and Marketplace Changes

Advertising on Amazon offers tremendous potential for businesses looking to reach a large and diverse audience of online shoppers. However, the platform is also known for presenting unique challenges that can be difficult to navigate for even the most experienced marketers.

If you’re struggle to successfully advertise on Amazon, it’s important to be aware that one of these three challenges is most likely holding you back:

  • Intense competition: With millions of sellers and products available on Amazon, it can be challenging to differentiate your brand and products from the competition. We can help you develop a targeted advertising strategy that reaches your ideal audience and highlights your unique value proposition.
  • Complex advertising algorithms and metrics: Amazon’s advertising platform is known for its complexity, with a variety of algorithms and metrics that can be difficult to understand and optimize. Our team of experts has deep knowledge of Amazon’s advertising platform, and can help you maximize your ad spend and achieve a positive return on investment.
  • Need to constantly adapt to changes in the marketplace: Amazon is a dynamic marketplace, with policies, algorithms, and consumer trends that are constantly evolving. Our team stays up to date on the latest developments in the Amazon advertising ecosystem, and can help you adapt your strategy as needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Despite these challenges, we believe that Amazon advertising offers tremendous potential for businesses looking to reach a large and diverse audience of online shoppers. With our help, you can overcome these obstacles and achieve your advertising goals on the platform.

“Dan has tripled our revenue over the past year making us a seven figure seller on Amazon. More importantly, Dan is wonderful to work with and a wealth of knowledge. He has guided our business development by helping us with everything from supply change management to advertising. Dan is an indispensable part of our business growth.”
-Mike Mosiman, Owner – Spectrum Products

Here’s How Our PPC Management Service Works

We’ll Take Care of Everything, from Strategy to Execution

Our mission is to help you achieve the best possible results from your Amazon PPC campaigns. We do this by offering a range of specialized services that are designed to optimize your campaigns for maximum sales and return on investment. Here are a few of the key services we offer:

Campaign strategy development

We’ll work with you to develop a customized Amazon PPC campaign strategy that aligns with your business goals and targets your ideal audience. We’ll research the most relevant keywords and product categories, and develop a bidding strategy that maximizes your ROI.

Ongoing Campaign optimization

We’ll handle all aspects of your Amazon PPC campaign setup, including ad creation, targeting, and bidding. We’ll also continually optimize your campaigns for maximum performance, using data-driven insights and industry best practices to make informed decisions.

Keyword research and optimization

We’ll conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your products. We’ll then optimize your campaigns to ensure that your ads are showing up for the right search queries and driving relevant traffic to your listings.

Product listing optimization

We’ll optimize your product listings to ensure that they are fully optimized for both Amazon’s search algorithm and for converting potential customers. This includes optimizing your product titles, descriptions, images, and other key elements.

Performance reporting and analysis

We’ll provide regular reports on your Amazon PPC campaign performance, including key metrics such as sales, conversion rates, and advertising cost of sales (ACoS). We’ll also use these insights to continually optimize your campaigns and improve your ROI.

Competitor analysis

We’ll conduct thorough research on your top competitors to identify their strategies and tactics. We’ll use this information to help you differentiate your brand and products, and develop campaigns that can help you outperform your competition.

By partnering with System & Sales, you can rest assured that your Amazon PPC campaigns are in expert hands. We’ll work tirelessly to help you achieve maximum sales and ROI, using our expertise and data-driven approach to continually optimize your campaigns for success.

“Dan’s expertise and dedication are unmatched, and he knows how to leverage the strengths of the Amazon marketplace to deliver results. He helped us achieve remarkable results in just three months, increasing our ad sales by 63% and our total revenue by 44%, all while maintaining profitability with only a 4% increase in ACoS. If you’re looking for an Amazon Ad management expert who can take your business to new heights, look no further than Dan Paluska. He’s a true professional who delivers results.”
-Albert Matheny, Owner – Promix Nutrition

Our Results Speak for Themselves

We’ve Helped Dozens of Brands Achieve Advertising Success on Amazon

  • From $706K to $2.13M: A Case Study on How we Tripled Revenue on Amazon
  • From Scaling Amazon Advertising for 700+ Products: A Case Study with $733K in Revenue
  • From $99k to $2.09 Million in 1.5 Years: A Case Study in Massive Sales Growth
  • Unconventional Success: How We Generated $2.78 Million in Amazon Sales with Little Product Differentiation

Our Process: Delivering Results with a Proven Methodology

Discover how we manage Amazon PPC campaigns to help you achieve maximum sales and ROI.

At System & Sales, we follow a tried and tested process for managing Amazon PPC campaigns that delivers results for our clients. Here’s how we do it:

Initial Setup:

  • Campaign Assessment: We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current campaigns to identify areas that need improvement.
  • Seasonality Research: Each product typically has a high and low season throughout the year. Understanding where we are in the cycle is important for planning campaigns.
  • Competitor Analysis: Figuring out the top advertisers gives us insight of the competitive landscape and where we can compete and where we need to avoid.
  • Setting Initial Goals: We work to establish target ACoS and revenue growth goals for each group of products.
  • Keyword Research: Our team conducts extensive research to identify the most relevant keywords for your products, including long-tail keywords and negative keywords.

Monthly Ongoing Management:

  • Review and Adjust Bids: By analyzing the performance of your campaigns, we can adjust bids for individual keywords to maximize your ad’s visibility while minimizing your cost per click.
  • Monitor Search Term Reports: We monitor search term reports to identify new keyword opportunities, negative keywords, and trends that can help improve your campaign performance.
  • A/B Testing for Sponsored Brands and Display Campaigns: We conduct A/B testing on ad creatives, landing pages, and targeting to determine which variables drive the best performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns.
  • Refine Keyword Targeting: By conducting regular keyword research and analysis, we identify new opportunities for targeting and improve campaign performance.
  • Scaling Campaigns: Every month we will identify the top performing keywords and targeting that we will scale using new campaign builds, more aggressive bidding, and negative keyword sculpting.
  • Monitor and Adjust Campaign Settings: We monitor and adjust campaign settings, such as ad placements, targeting, and ad formats, to improve performance and ensure that your campaigns are aligned with your goals and budget.
  • Monthly Reporting and Analysis: We provide regular reports to keep you informed of your campaign’s performance and make recommendations for future optimizations.

Quarterly Planning:

  • Strategic Assessment: We work with you to develop a plan for the upcoming quarter, including budget allocation, campaign goals, and target KPIs.
  • Check and Optimize Product Listings: We check and optimize product listings to ensure they are relevant, compelling, and optimized for search results to drive more traffic and sales.
  • Analyze and Adjust Campaign Budgets: We review performance data and shift budget allocation to high-performing campaigns to maximize ROI.
  • Refine Keyword Targeting: By conducting regular keyword research and analysis, we identify new opportunities for targeting and improve campaign performance.
  • Review and Refresh Ad Creatives: Our team creates new ad variations to keep campaigns engaging and relevant to your target audience.
“Dan Paluska and System & Sales are simply amazing. Over the past three years, Dan has generated an incredible $2.37 million in advertised sales for our business, with an average ACoS of 16.72%. Dan’s dedication, knowledge, and strategic thinking have been instrumental in our growth. He genuinely cares about our success and continuously seeks ways to help us achieve our goals. If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Dan and System & Sales”
-Ryan Schultz – Chief Operating Officer, MR Products Inc.

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