Amazon Advertising Blueprint

Download our FREE 2019 Amazon Advertising Blueprint and learn how we approach planning, building, and optimizing the Amazon Ad campaigns that we manage.

Interested in Getting Your Own Amazon Advertising Success Plan?

The secret to the success we have had with our clients comes down to the plan that we execute. In this blueprint, we walk you through the 5 stages we take our clients through to maximize the success they can take advantage of when marketing on Amazon.

Included in the Blueprint:

  • Determining Listing Readiness: Choosing the wrong listings can put you at a major disadvantage that is tough to recover from.
  • Setting Campaign Strategy: Know which type of ad campaigns you should be running to crush your goals.
  • Keyword Research Tools and Philosophy: Learn what we use to research keywords and how we pick our competition crushing keywords.
  • Campaign Structure and Organizational Principles: Learn how and why to create separate campaigns and ad groups so that you can scale your campaigns with ease.
  • Weekly and Monthly Optimization Protocols: The trick to making ad campaigns profitable is the maintenance and optimization that you are regularly doing. Learn when and what we are doing for our campaigns.