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The Amazon selling platform avails potential sellers the opportunity to sell to their niche customer directly, or to utilize Amazon as an intermediary. The site sections that delineate where different type of sellers need to go and how they should operate are often confusing to the uninitiated. Streamlining and making the distinctions less upsetting has been an Amazon goal for some time. The new ability that buyers of both sorts now have to buy their campaigns from the same place has been an important step in this improvement process. Slowly, but surely, Amazon is integrating the various subsections that pertain to buyers and sellers using their site. Making advertising for its sellers both more usable, while automating the process, works in the behemoth’s interest, as it is due to advertisers that Amazon has surmounted some lackluster months to re-enter the more profitable zones again.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sellers that use Amazon have traditionally had the option to sell to customers directly.
  • Conversely, sellers can make their products available to consumers by way of using Amazon as an intermediary.
  • Newbies have often found negotiating the various platforms for selling, based on how they choose to sell, confusing.

“The retailer has tried to remove the differences between how first- and third-party sellers manage campaigns for some time, but it?s now going a step further.”

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