An Amazon Search Is Worth a Lot More Than a Google Search

Years of research has shown that Amazon search ads are, in fact, worth significantly more than Google’s — despite Google’s immense power in the search industry. Users are much more likely to click on Amazon’s ads, even though Google’s ads also yield high click rates. Clicks on Amazon’s ads also tend to result in higher rates of actual purchasing than Google’s — more than 3 times more. This makes sense, considering that users on Amazon’s platform are already intending to buy, whereas not all users of Google are.

Key Takeaways:

  • Years of research have shown that Amazon search ads yield more clicks and higher purchase rates than Google search ads.
  • Amazon’s search ads are a platform just beginning, too, with significant potential for the future.
  • The discrepancy between the two platforms is likely due to their nature; users on Amazon are looking to buy, whereas users on Google are often just looking for information.

“Not only do Amazon’s headline search ads get more clicks, they convert better than Google’s ads, too.”

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