Improve Your Amazon Sponsored Brands Campaigns

22 Ideas You Can Test to Improve Your Amazon Sponsored Brands Campaigns

This is a list of actionable testing ideas that you can use to improve your Sponsored Brands campaign performance. In fact, these same ideas helped us turn a Sponsored Brands campaign from generating $28.61 during the first month to $633.19 in the second month for a client where we managed their Amazon PPC campaigns. If … Read more

Amazon Sponsored Brands: The Definitive Guide to Getting Started

Amazon Sponsored Brands: The Definitive Guide to Getting Started in 2021

This is the ultimate guide to getting started with Amazon Sponsored Brands ad campaigns. If you want to: Understand how Sponsored Brands compliment your existing ad campaigns Select the best ad type for your advertising goals Learn about the different ad creatives you can use Discover tips for successful Sponsored Brands campaigns Then read on. … Read more

Amazon Negative Keywords Primer: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

One of the most misused and misunderstood topics that impact your ad-campaign performance are Amazon negative keywords. From reducing wasted ad spend, to increasing your ad campaign performance, the benefits to learning how to harness this keyword match type can’t be understated. In this article, I am going to break down what negative keywords are, … Read more

Amazon PPC Campaign Structure: How Our Silo Method Added $11,303 for Our Client in 4 Weeks

Today I’m going to show you how we were able to increase our client’s ad revenue by $11,303 in 4 weeks by simply refining his Amazon PPC campaign structure. How did we achieve this growth in such a short period? The Silo Method. A method that we developed to help to address poor Amazon PPC … Read more

amazon product title optimizaiton

Amazon Product Title Optimization: What is and isn’t Working in 2021

Amazon product title optimization should get way more attention than it does. Focusing on optimizing your title can improve your SEO rankings making your PPC campaigns more profitable. If you haven’t spent much time working on your Amazon titles, you may want to start now. It could change your business! So let’s dive right in. … Read more

Top 25 Amazon Blogs We are Loving in 2021

Are you an Amazon seller looking for practical, insightful and educational blogs to grow your business? You’ve come to the right place. As you know, there’s no shortage of Amazon blogs of varying quality just waiting for you to dive down the rabbit hole of Amazon selling. To make your life a little easier,  we … Read more

shopify vs amazon pros and cons selling on both

Shopify vs. Amazon: 14 Pros and Cons I Discovered Selling on Both Platforms

If you are debating selling on Shopify vs. Amazon, then this post is for you. In 2015, I partnered with a local retailer to start selling products on Shopify.  Fast-forward to the beginning of 2020, and I started selling used books and wholesale products on Amazon under my own store. While my full-time job is … Read more

19 Actionable Amazon PPC Tips for Scaling Your Campaigns and Increasing Their Performance

19 Actionable Amazon PPC Tips for Scaling Your Campaigns and Increasing Their Performance

These strategies helped grow one of my client’s PPC sales by over $615,000 during 2020 when compared to 2019. This is a list of actionable Amazon PPC tips for scaling your campaigns and increasing your sales on Amazon. If you want more sales on Amazon from your PPC campaigns, then you’ll love this list of … Read more

How to Optimize your Amazon Listings in 5 Easy Steps

Amazon Listing Optimization: Start Increasing Sales in 5 Easy Steps

Today I’m going to show you how our Amazon listing optimization process increased a client’s orders by 39% in just 5 easy steps. I also: Increased listing traffic by 31% Improved the listing conversion rate by 11% Significantly boosted Amazon PPC campaign performance How was I able to increase the listing performance in just two … Read more