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Amazon Advertising and PPC Strategy Guide

Being able to leap the rankings and get massive exposure for your product(s) and outsell your competition has become a reality thanks to Amazon Sponsored Products. Back in 2012, when Amazon launched a beta program (1) that enabled merchants to bid on keywords and have their products show up in the search results for those

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Amazon PPC Course 2 : Amazon PPC Budget & Amazon Acos Calculation

As Amazon becomes an even more competitive marketplace, it?s critical for sellers to get their products noticed! Amazon Pay-Per-Click, otherwise known as Amazon PPC, can help you do that. Use the tools available to you as an Amazon seller, such as the ACoS Calculator, SellerApp, and Performance Dashboard, to be accurate and make the most

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5 Amazon Marketing Tricks For FBA Sellers

The FBA sellers who are making a ton of money on Amazon are very smart. Now, with the thousands and thousands of people trying to sell on the site, people need to figure out how to differentiate themselves from the pack. This is where marketing gets involved at a very high level. You want people

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4 Buyer-Seller Messaging Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make This Q4 2018

Amazon Sellers know this time of year as ?Shoulder Season,? the interlude between the frenzy of Prime Day and the all-important holiday shopping season. During this important time of preparation for the holiday shopping rush, it?s important to get your Buyer-Seller messaging just right. Don?t bombard buyers with too many messages ? remember that Amazon

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10 Tips to Boost Your Amazon IPI

Amazon IPI stand for Inventory Performance Index. It is a recently-introduced metric that is used by Amazon to evaluate the performance of FBA sellers. IPI is calculated quarterly. If an FBA seller’s IPI drops below 350 on a scale of 0 to 1000 Amazon imposes a storage limit. The seller is charged an overage fee

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