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Amazon PPC Keyword Match Types Selector

Master the 3 Amazon PPC Keyword Match Types

ContentsHow Keywords Work When Advertising on AmazonHow Keyword Match Types WorkNegative Keywords: How to Exclude Your Product from SearchesBroad Match KeywordsModified Broad MatchPhrase Match KeywordsExact Match KeywordsNegative Keyword Match TypesNegative PhraseNegative ExactPlurals and Negative Match TypesWhen to Use Each Keyword Match Type Selecting the best Amazon PPC Keyword Match Types can easily make or break … Read more

Amazon ACoS Calculations and Strategies

Master Your Amazon ACoS: How to Calculate and 3 Ways to Lower Advertising Costs

ContentsWhat is the Amazon ACoS?ACoS vs. ROAS – What is the Difference?What is a Good ACoS on Amazon?How to Calculate Your Product’s Break-Even ACoSHow to Calculate a Profitable Amazon ACoSChoosing the Right Amazon ACoS Based on Your Goals3 Strategies to Lower Your ACoSOptimize Your Product Page Conversion RateAdjust Your Bids and Bidding StrategyCheck Your Advertising … Read more

Amazon Bidding: How it Works and 3 Strategies for Success

ContentsHow the Amazon Ad Auction WorksPay Per Click (PPC) ModelThe Role of the Keyword BidAmazon Bidding StrategiesSetting Your Initial Bids What about the Suggested Amazon Bid?Post-Launch Bid Adjustment StrategiesThe Three Bid Adjustments1. Targeting Level2. Adjust Bids by Placement3. Bidding StrategyBidding Strategy Stacking Word of WarningPutting Together a Winning Bidding and Advertising Strategy Although often glossed … Read more

Amazon Advertising and PPC Strategy Guide

ContentsHow to Use This GuideAmazon Advertising BasicsWhy Advertise on Amazon?What Types of Ads Can You Run on Amazon?Who Can Advertise on Amazon?Key Difference between Amazon Ads and Google and Facebook AdsWhy This Guide Exists…Step 1: Which Products Should Be Advertised on Amazon?Checklist for Determining Which Products to AdvertiseWhat If an ASIN Is Not Retail Ready?Listings … Read more

4 Buyer-Seller Messaging Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make This Q4 2018

Amazon Sellers know this time of year as ?Shoulder Season,? the interlude between the frenzy of Prime Day and the all-important holiday shopping season. During this important time of preparation for the holiday shopping rush, it?s important to get your Buyer-Seller messaging just right. Don?t bombard buyers with too many messages ? remember that Amazon … Read more

10 Tips to Boost Your Amazon IPI

Amazon IPI stand for Inventory Performance Index. It is a recently-introduced metric that is used by Amazon to evaluate the performance of FBA sellers. IPI is calculated quarterly. If an FBA seller’s IPI drops below 350 on a scale of 0 to 1000 Amazon imposes a storage limit. The seller is charged an overage fee … Read more