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Top 7 Best Selling Products On Amazon That Are Worth Noting As A Seller

Making optimal profit as an Amazon seller is heavily reliant on which products are considered top-selling in the current market. In 2018, over 60% of searchers performed on Google were done on smartphones, which shows just how relevant technology and electronics are, and how much you could potentially make when selling high-quality products. Not only … Read more

How to Increase Sales on Amazon: What We’ve Learned from Working with 8,000+ Brands

Selling products on Amazon can often be challenging — and frustrating when you do not understand why you can’t get any buyers. Thankfully, there are many simple strategies that can get you on a path to higher traffic on Amazon. First, optimizing your listing is absolutely crucial. Use keywords and listing builder tools to make … Read more

Amazon versus Google Search: Who is Winning the Battle and How?

Amazon and Google both seek large amounts of revenue from their advertisement departments. They, however, have very different approaches to their advertising. Google highlights text ads below product listings ads which can potentially lead to a lot of clicks and therefore a lot of revenue. Amazon receives an even larger share of revenue from product … Read more

Amazon to test new ground for its Sponsored Products ads: the rest of the internet

Amazon is planning an expansion to their Sponsored Products ad program by allowing the ads to run across the whole internet, not just sites owned by Amazon. This would allow Amazon to retarget its customers when they are visiting other sites. Sponsored Products uses keywords to target people for ads, and this latest expansion is … Read more

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