An additional $32,000 in sales with an ACoS of 17.09% in 2 Months


The client had never advertised on Amazon before and didn't know how to get started.


Increase sales profitably and increase the exposure of the products.


In less than 2 months we were able to generate an additional $32,000 in sales with an ACoS of 17.09%.

The Client

The client is in the cleaning niche and recently purchased the company from an Amazon seller who had been selling products for the last few years.

The Background

In the middle of 2019, our client purchased this company from an existing Amazon seller. They had successfully built up their company over the years on Amazon but had never had success advertising on Amazon.

When our client purchased the company, he immediately sought out an expert to help advertise the products. After searching through a few, he found us and decided that we were the right choice.

The Plan

Because there were only a few attempts to advertise over the years, we didn’t have any useful data and had to start from scratch.

Since the client had just purchased the company though, he wanted to make sure that the campaigns were as cost-efficient as possible. So instead of us launching with a manual, automatic, and product targeting campaign, we started with the manual campaign. This is usually the most conservative route as we can control where the products show up and for which keywords.

We both agreed, that once we had a few profitable months, we would start to expand.

The Results

Within the first week, our new campaigns were averaging a 15% ACoS and generating a steady stream of orders. Over the next two months, we generated an additional $32,154.49 in sales with an ACoS of 17.09%.

Needless to say, our client couldn’t be happier and we are now underway on expanding our marketing efforts.

$32,000 in Sales on Amazon with 17% ACoS
Overall Sales Growth Since Starting with Us

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