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Walmart burst on the scene and changed it dramatically. For most of us, it’s about getting a whole bunch of stores, our food items, bed and bath items, a lot of our electronics and toys and hardware necessities, clothing even some furniture, all at one spot convenient spot at the lowest, or near-lowest price possible without forgoing decent quality. That’s pretty all-encompassing. But, it would seem that even a big deal like Walmart can suffer from envy, or an inferiority complex. Because it feels like, to those watching, that Walmart has a need to copy every sales strategy as it comes to fruition, good, bad, or just interesting, from Amazon. The latest example of this is Walmart’s new e-books, which mirror ongoing efforts from Amazon. Amazon has also announced their intent to start streaming video content. Watchers wonder if Walmart can be far behind.

Key Takeaways:

  • In partnership with Rakuten Kobo, Walmart recently announced the creation of a new category called Walmart eBooks.
  • Because technology cannot replace paper books and e-book sales fell by 10 percent last year, the author wonders about Walmart?s motivations.
  • According to the author, Walmart seems to want to do everything that Amazon does.

“I always thought that anyone who believes e-books are a fine thing automatically gravitated to a Kindle, because they’re cheap, and Amazon incentivizes enthusiastically to make them even cheaper.”

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