Don’t Overlook These Metrics From, Inc.’s Second Quarter

It?s hard for headline metrics to sum up everything you need to know about a company as big and varied as Amazon. Amazon?s online shopping revenue expanded by 12 percent, part of a trend of decelerating growth in this sector. On the other hand, Amazon Web Services (AWS) saw a spike of 49 percent, while Amazon?s subscription revenues jumped by an even more formidable 55 percent, representing six percent of Amazon?s total revenue. Other revenue sectors, driven largely by Amazon?s thriving ad sales, grew by a very impressive 129 percent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Revenue from Amazon’s subscription services, which includes Amazon Prime, has jumped by 55%.
  • Fees that Amazon earns via third party sellers has grown by 36% every year.
  • Now that Amazon has acquired Whole Foods, their physical store revenues have reached $4.31 billion.

“Growth rates from Amazon’s subscription services, third-party seller services, and other often overlooked segments provide key insights.”

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