With more and more sellers jumping onto the Amazon marketplace as a viable place to sell generic or unique products that are available on the market, Amazon has started to look inward and use their marketplace as a means of increasing their own revenues. In doing so, the company has introduced a wide range of private labeled products that essentially undercut other sellers, and provide similar generic products at a fraction of the cost to potential buyers.

Key Takeaways:

  • A recent, New York-based pop up, hosted by proved that the giant is still hard-selling its smart speakers, like Echo.
  • What was not expected by pop-up attendees was the wealth of other home products displayed, small daily essential items.
  • There were eggs, paper towels, snacks, coffee pods, hand soap, even gourmet dog food.

“With Amazon repeatedly proving its industrywide disruptive impact, the online giant?s private-label expansion, even to categories like furniture that are traditionally considered ?Amazon-proof,? should be taken seriously.”

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