Lessons from Prime Day to apply for Black Friday 2018

Now that Amazon Prime Day is over, Black Friday seems to be fast approaching. It’s important to take the lessons learned from Amazon prime day to make sure that performance is good on Black Friday. Overall, Amazon Prime Day does seem to have been a success – although that may be due in large part to new territories, like India, participating for the first time. It showed that it’s worth running sales campaigns on that day regardless of your affiliation with Amazon, due to higher consumer traffic online.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon has seen an increase of +65.33% in how many impressions are made on advertisements.
  • When utilizing correct keywords, sale bids can be boosted during Prime Day by up to 40-70%.
  • Sales overall should increase by an average 32.45% during Prime day on July 16.

“Just because there?s more traffic on the site, marking up a discounted deal appears to be a winning strategy.”

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