Listing on Amazon 101 – The Private Label Edition

If you have a product that you created and are ready to list on Amazon, follow these tips to get successfully listed. For starters, you will need to decide what platform you’ll use to list it, Amazon’s template their wizard. Try to avoid using multiple listings for items as they will likely be condensed anyway. Avoid listing an item in ungated to prevent Amazon’s wrath. Finally, do not ever use brand names for your key words as it is regarded as manipulation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Would-be Amazon vendors may discover that the instructions given do not mirror the fields they are working with.
  • In some respects, using the Amazon wizard over the template option may be better, as if does seem to have the required fields.
  • Also, while the template option does not offer a heads up as to mistakes until you test the file, the wizard does offer a real-time alert to make changes.

“One common dilemma that new sellers have is whether to create one page, and have all this information in one place, or create individual listings for each variation.”

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