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The System & Sales Difference

Strategic Campaign Setup

The way we structure our campaigns is your first competitive advantage and sets the foundation for your success. Once that is in place, we figure your budget, set up the targeting types, and finally what your strategy and goal are for each campaign.

G.B.C. Optimization

We use our proprietary G.B.C. System to start optimizing your account. Depending on what your current goals are, we strive to adjust your ads to hit your target Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) for each campaign. As your goals change, so does the strategy.

Looking at Opportunities Outside Amazon

While a Sponsored Ads Campaign will always need optimization and management, there are times when you want to scale your sales and campaigns. This is where we start looking to sources outside of Amazon to places like Facebook or Google Shopping Ads. 

"They really know their stuff, comes with new ideas and advice, drives projects to completion on time, offers clear guidance and options based on data-driven analysis, and is an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way!"
Kim Halmekangas
Strategy, Creative Director & New Business

How does it work?

Whether you want to run your own ads, train staff to run them for you, or just save some money while you grow your business, the G.B.C. Training Program will get you where you want to go.

  • Campaign Setup
  • G.B.C. Optimization
  • Scaling Campaigns

More than just throwing together a few keywords and setting bids…

We take a systematic and planned approach to launching sponsored ad campaigns for our clients. This enables us to have happy clients and you to get predictable and profitable results.

Here are our steps:

Step 1: Make sure Listing is Optimized and Ready for Traffic –
We don’t want to run traffic to a product listing that isn’t set up to convert and make sales. So if we need to clean up the copywriting, tweak some pictures, or just some general cleaning up, we will either do it for you OR help you get your listing cleaned up.

Step 2: Figure Out Goals and Break-Even for Product – While most sellers are looking to maximize sales and profit, there are others who are just launching that might need to be a little more aggressive at first to get sales and reviews for the product. At any rate, we want to make sure that we know how to optimize the campaign once we start getting sales.

Step 3: Generate Comprehensive Keyword List – Through our keyword research process, we will generate a list of keywords that we feel are most relevant and important for your product. While this list is only our starting point, we work hard to get a solid list from the beginning so that we can start making you money much faster.

Step 4: Create the Structure of the Campaign – We create a separate campaign for each product that we want to advertise. Within each campaign, we create two ad groups. One ad group is manually setup and is populated with keywords we generated in Step 3. The other ad group is automatically setup with the help of Amazon’s algorithm and works as a keyword discovery campaign to find keywords that we might have missed.

Step 5: Launch and Optimize – For the first two weeks of a campaign, we watch your campaigns to make sure that nothing is drastically wrong with the set up. However, it is during this time that we will not make any major changes to the campaign because we need to gather data and get enough statistics to make sound optimization adjustments. After the first two weeks though, we are in your account weekly and making strategic adjustments.

Once the ads are setup and the data is coming in we have to start optimizing using our G.B.C. System

Thankfully, our years of optimization experience running AdWords and Facebook paid ad campaigns translate almost 1-to-1 when it comes to optimizing an Amazon sponsored ads campaign and many of the techniques, strategies, and systems can still be utilized.

Here is what our optimization plan looks like:

Step 1: Download Reporting Data for Past 2 Weeks. Each week we download your campaign data for the past two weeks. We use two weeks because of the delay in reporting sales and advertising data in Amazon and also to compensate for any anomalies in sales.

Step 2: Analyze Data Dependent on Campaign Goal. With the data processed, we look at your campaigns and start analyzing each campaign depending on your current goals for the product. For example:

  • Just launching a product? Our suggested strategy would be to run the campaign at 100% ACoS.
  • Looking for sales and profit? Our suggested strategy would be to run at a break-even profit margin.
  • Conserving inventory? Turn off or run and extremely conservative campaign.
Step 3: Execute Changes for Each Campaign. After analyzing we start executing our optimization plan. This is our typical process:
  • For Your Manual Campaigns: We will analyze each keyword and adjust the bids to align to our strategy for the campaign. We use two different formulas depending on how aggressive the campaign needs to be optimized.
  • For Auto Campaigns: We primarily look at the search terms report and add any profitable or new search terms that aren’t in our manual campaign. 
  • For All Campaigns: Inevitably, there are going to be keywords in both the manual and auto campaigns that will not generate sales. Those keywords are added to the “negative keyword” list for both your auto and manual campaigns so that Amazon will not show your ad and waste your advertising dollars. This key step helps you stay profitable and fully optimized. 
Step 4: Keyword Discovery and Blocking. Both your manual and auto campaigns will produce keywords that we need to analyze. Each week, we will prune the keyword list and remove any low-performing keywords that are costing you money and not adding anything to the campaign.
Step 5: Rinse and Repeat: By systematically following the four steps above, we are able to increase the performance of your campaign and provide you with a stable campaign that produces superior results.

When Sponsored Ads are Giving You All That They Got…

While a sponsored ads campaign will always need optimization and management, there are times when you want to scale your sales and campaigns. This is where we start looking to sources outside of Amazon. This might include:

  • Facebook Content Promotion
  • Blogging and SEO Optimization
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Etc…
While setting up and optimizing a campaign is easy for us to define, scaling campaigns outside of Amazon could be limitless. However, we know that some of our clients want to think outside-of-the-box and with our experience with Facebook Ads and AdWords, we are able to deliver.

Our Recent Results...

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