Some Amazon sellers are outraged over a new payment policy designed to attract corporate buyers

Now, as Amazon continues to get bigger and bigger, more corporate buyers and sellers are trying to get involved. The marketplace on Amazon has gotten so incredibly large and now, big players are trying to tap into it. It is a bit sad because now, the smaller business owners who were using Amazon for online sales are taking a large hit. The bulk of their online business was Amazon and now they cannot compete with other massive sellers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon is adopting a new policy that gives business buyers 30 days to pay their bills instead of the usual week or two for payments.
  • Sellers who expect and rely on speedier payments for buying inventory and funding operations might encounter a cash crunch with this new policy.
  • This new policy, as stated in an email, was to attract more corporate buyers to the marketplace and create new revenue channels for customers.

“Amazon is trying to lure business buyers onto its fast-growing marketplace, offering them extended periods to pay for things like heavy equipment and office supplies. Sellers fear the change is coming at their expense.”

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