Supercharge Amazon A/B Testing Images with Pickfu for Better Conversions – AMPM PODCAST EP 180

The amount of images that are people converted for a multitude of reasons has been on the rise in recent years. Amazon is trying to get into every possible sector that it can and so far, it is succeeding. The A/B testing protocol that was released by the retail giant is a big spin off of the things that they normally stick to. However, these images have come out great and the conversions have been well received by many.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon Central will let sellers split test images, but only while the product listing is still live.
  • Unfortunately, it is still possible to be running an ineffective image and thereby be missimg out on conversions.
  • For a modest fee Pickfu will let sellers perform Amazon split testing on images before their product launches.

“Additionally, Pickfu provides analytics on the results and reveals critical data on the demographics of the participants and what they chose. This data is invaluable when choosing an image to use that appeals to your target audience both on your listing and your marketing efforts.”

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