Top 25 Amazon Blogs We are Loving in 2021

Are you an Amazon seller looking for practical, insightful and educational blogs to grow your business? You’ve come to the right place.

As you know, there’s no shortage of Amazon blogs of varying quality just waiting for you to dive down the rabbit hole of Amazon selling. To make your life a little easier,  we decided to share our list that we regularly check out.

Whether you are just starting out or are a top Amazon seller, these blogs will give you the tools, tips, and latest techniques you need to get the most out of selling on Amazon. Get your mouse ready to bookmark some pages!

Amazon Advertising Blog

When you want the latest news and updates directly from Amazon, this is the place to go. From Amazon advertising tips, to news and updates, this is a blog that we keep close tabs on.

Check their site out here:


Greg Mercer and his team at Jungle Scout have done an excellent job of covering all things Amazon. They cover everything from sourcing products to the latest news and strategies that Amazon sellers can take advantage of.

They also have a very extensive resources section that includes a LOT of guides to help seller’s no matter where they are in their business model.

Check their site out here:

Ecommerce Bytes

While not specific to Amazon, Ecommerce Bytes is an excellent resource to keep tabs on what is happening across the entire e-commerce industry. What we like about this site is sellers can get a nice overview of different marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and many more. 

Check their site out here:

A Better Lemonade Stand

Just like EcommerceBytes, A Better Lemonade Stand is an excellent resource for online entrepreneurs. They have crafted content to cover each phase of online selling. So no matter if you are just starting out or looking to scale your business, they have tips and resources that are super helpful.

Check their site out here:


At Systems & Sales, we use Tamebay to keep tabs on what is happening across all the online marketplaces. We have learned it is really helpful to see where the industry is heading and keep up to date on consumer trends so we can help our clients grow their brands more effectively. Additionally, if you are thinking about expanding to additional marketplaces, this site can help get you up to speed with the latest trends and news.

Check their site out here:


Sellics is one of the leading software companies in the Amazon space for both PPC and SEO. Their insights and tips are perfect for both new and existing brands selling on Amazon. Additionally, they have a very extensive resources section that is perfect for beginners to get a solid marketing foundation on Amazon.

Check their site out here:

ROI Revolution

While they are technically a competitor of ours, ROI Revolution has a great blog that we regularly check out. They are great at rounding up news and articles that I might have missed on other sites. Additionally, they periodically post great ideas and strategies that can help increase sales and brand effectiveness on Amazon.

Check their site out here:

Web Retailer

Although Web Retailer is focused on more than just Amazon, their guides and research are very well done and something that our team looks forward to reading. They also have a directory that can be a great resource for finding new software and services that you might need.

Check their site out here:

My Wife Quit Her Job

This blog is just plain fun. My Wife Quit Her Job documents how a husband and wife team, Steve and Jennifer Chou, worked their way through the e-commerce industry. Readers learn about their experiences and strategies they have discovered while running an e-commerce store, blog, and Amazon store. Because of this, Steve’s articles are packed full of experiential knowledge and insights from someone that is actually selling products himself.

Check their site out here: 

Helium 10

While Helium 10 is one of the giants in the Amazon software space, their blog is always an excellent read. From simple tips to in-depth guides, their blog is packed with a lot of great information. Additionally, they have a great podcast called the Serious Sellers Podcast, that you might want to check out as well.

Check their site out here:


While RepricerExpress has a newer blogging presence ‚— like us — the posts that have been coming out of their blog have been great. They cover a wide variety of topics all centered around information and tips sellers on Amazon should be aware of. We have enjoyed reading their stuff.

Check their site out here:

Seller Labs

If you are looking for a large blog that covers topics based primarily on Amazon advertising and listing optimization, Seller Labs is the place for you. They have a carefully-selected resources section that covers almost everything a brand selling on Amazon needs to know to be successful. This is a great site to bookmark and check out.

Check their site out here:


At Feedvisor you get Amazon with a little sprinkling of Walmart from time-to-time. Their blog posts usually cover the latest trends happening on both platforms and how to take advantage of new features these giants offer. In addition to their blog, they also have a great section called Amazon University that covers everything from getting started on Amazon to optimizing a product listing.

Check their site out here:


SellerEngine’s blog is a nice mix of news and actionable how-to posts. Their articles are well researched and they always seem to be keeping an eye on the latest developments that are happening on Amazon. In early July 2020, they had great coverage of the “buy box glitch” that plagued many stores. Their coverage was extremely valuable. 

Check their site out here:


Another great blog that covers a wide variety of topics from e-commerce trends to advertising on Amazon is Seller App. They usually have a great mix of posts that help both the new and seasoned brands sell better on Amazon. Additionally, they are very consistent with posting and typically they will have a few posts a week.

Check their site out here:


LandingCube has a very actionable blog we read often. From super tactical blog posts on the Amazon “super URLs” to general questions about how to calculate Amazon ACoS, they have a nice mix of posts that are well worth the read. This site deserves a bookmark for sure.

Check their site out here:


BQool posts help Amazon sellers stay up-to-date with the latest Amazon developments along with actionable how-to guides filled with great advice. Since they publish posts a few times a week, they are a blog we regularly check out.

Check their site out here:

PPC Entourage

From general questions to actionable guides, PPC Entourage is well worth checking out. They have a lot of great advice centered around Amazon PPC and certainly have the experience to back it up. Check them out when you want to get some new ideas about marketing on Amazon.

Check their site out here:

Zon Tools

While Zon Tools uses their blog to update customers about their Amazon PPC software, there is still a nice mix of general advertising posts that are well worth the read. We highly suggest checking out their tutorials section regarding their PGN methodology. It’s a super interesting read and definitely a powerful technique.

Check their site out here:


The team at eComEngine covers a wide variety of topics. So while it is hard to classify this blog, it is safe to say that they are a great site to keep tabs on. Their posts are always well-researched and because they are posting several times a week, they always seem to stay on top of the latest developments centered around everything Amazon.

Check their site out here:

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

While most of the blogs on this list are centered around marketing and increasing sales on Amazon, the Amazon Sellers Lawyer takes a completely different angle. Since they are a law firm, their blog posts are focused on helping Amazon sellers with their legal issues.

Check their site out here:

The Selling Family

While the Selling Family has a variety of courses to help with selling on Amazon for sale, their blog is a great resource. This site tends to have a nice mix of posts that focus on topics from starting an Amazon selling business to how to sell an established Amazon business. Their interview articles are some of my favorites. Definitely check them out.

Check their site out here:

Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz has an Amazon-focused blog that has a little bit of everything. Since they post very regularly, their articles are usually timely and helpful for Amazon sellers looking to keep up with the latest trends and updates. They also have great tips and tricks posts that should help you with your Amazon sales and approach.

Check their site out here:

Online Selling Experiment

Online Selling Experiment blog mixes a little of everything from sourcing products to interviews with successful sellers. At Systems & Sales, we really like Ryan’s honesty and willingness to share his thoughts and experiments. Whether you are looking to get started selling on Amazon or looking for some interesting case studies, this a blog that we enjoy reading regularly.

Check their site out here:

Full-Time FBA

Stephen Smotherman at Full-Time FBA has been selling on Amazon since 2011 and has been blogging for almost the entire time. He shares a lot of great tips and suggestions for people that are interested in becoming an Amazon seller. He also has a great podcast called The Full-Time FBA Show that might want to check out as well.

Check their site out here:

FBA Monthly

While technically not a traditional blog, this curated newsletter is a great resource that you should subscribe to. What I like about FBA Monthly is their news coverage and updates from a wide variety of reputable sites like the New York Times, Forbes, etc. In addition, each newsletter is archived on their site so you can catch up on ones you missed. 

Check their site out here:


While it’s impossible to keep up on every site and every article and every podcast relating to online selling, it is possible to at least keep up-to-date on current trends and happenings in the industry.

Scroll through some of these links. Feel them out.

We suggest bookmarking this page and picking the ones you like the best to start with. As you build your business and your brand, you may find your needs change.

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