Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Amazon Business

The integration of the vast array of online platforms and social media pages these days has allowed businesses to integrate with one another on all platforms and therefore increase their cross channel prominence to customers and followers. One of the most effective means of increasing business for Amazon sellers in recent times has been that of utilizing the robust Facebook ads platform to then drive traffic to the Amazon seller’s store and increasing conversions and transactions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since sales on Amazon, even private label sales, are ‘Amazon’ sales, Amazon does not provide customer emails.
  • Without the email touchstone it’s near-impossible to build buyer and brand loyalty.
  • But, if you use multiple sources of traffic, you can secure your emails and provide yourself with far better risk management in the process.

“Using Facebook Ads the right way, Amazon sellers can collect email addresses (or Messenger subscriptions), while boosting performance on Amazon.”

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