Our History

The System & Sales e-commerce history starts with helping a friend who owned a boutique in Salem, Oregon back in 2010. They wanted to start selling on the internet and wondered if we could help them out. We said sure, and immediately started on a website and built their entire e-commerce strategy and fell in love with e-commerce.

Since then, e-commerce has always been a focus and when Amazon started to become a place where large and small sellers could compete together, we knew this was where we wanted to focus.

Our Mission

We are in the business of providing businesses the support and strategies needed to successfully market on the internet.

We look beyond traditional solutions and provide our clients with the results they are looking for.

We know our clients trust us to provide the clarity and help that is greatly needed for marketing online.

The Founder

Daniel Paluska

Starting with his high school website back in 1998, Dan has been involved with the internet for over 14 years. His passion was ignited and has never gone away. Back then, marketing online was something that never occurred to him. It was just fun to write code, and see how it would work on the internet!

Fast forward to Oregon State University and there his entrepreneurial spirit was joined with his love for all things technology. After graduating with a Management Information Sciences degree, he knew that companies that embraced the internet for marketing would succeed.

How to Get Started

In just 3 easy steps we can help get you on track to reach your goals…

Step 1: Request a Discovery Call

The discovery call is designed to see if we are a good fit and get a better understanding of your unique business, situation, and goals.

Step 2: Receive Your G.B.C Amazon Ad Plan

The G.B.C. Amazon Ad Plan helps us get crystal clear on what is and isn’t working in your Amazon ad campaigns. It also outlines our action plan that will help you accomplish your goals.

Step 3: We Get To Work and Start Delivering

Have peace of mind knowing that your campaigns are set up correctly, carefully tended to, and being managed to achieve your goals – without wasting money or time.