Back to School 2018: Are You Ready?

Being a seller in the back to school market can be extremely lucrative. However, you must be in the correct frame of mind to make sure that you are focusing your energies in the right places. Just under 60 million students will be going back to school and all of them need supplies and clothing to begin the year. Focusing on pushing these items can be helpful and lucrative for any seller. Make sure to keep Black Friday in mind when setting your prices.

Key Takeaways:

  • The National Retail Federation predicts that back-to-school shoppers will spend $82.8 billion this season.
  • While the average family is expected to spend $685 on school supplies, that number is closer to four figures for college students.
  • Back-to-school shopping is a major moneymaker for Amazon, with sales of items such as office supplies and backbacks increasing every year.

“For FBA items, you?ll need a few days? head start for shipments to be processed by fulfillment centers. If last year?s holiday shipment calendar is anything to go by, then you have three months to order, check, store, list, and ship your products off to Amazon in time for Black Friday.”

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