2.4x Growth in Monthly Sales: A Case Study on How Effective Management Boosted Amazon Advertising Revenue

Project Overview


The client had a hard time trusting the management of their ad campaigns that they had managed since 2014.


They wanted to grow sales without the ACoS going over 20%.


We have grown sales 113% while keeping the average ACoS at 16.1%.

The Client

The client had a very successful and profitable business on Amazon that she started in 2014. Over the years, she had managed her own marketing campaigns and had success. The problem was that she didn’t know how to grow her sales.

Worse yet, she didn’t feel comfortable to experiment as she didn’t want to wreck the campaigns that she had spent a lot of time building and managing.

So, in the middle of 2019, she reached out to us and asked if we could help. After analyzing the campaigns, we knew that there was a lot of growth packed in the account.

Project Goals & Expectations

Because the campaigns had been highly optimized, we were very careful to not disturb what was already working. What we noticed was that there were a lot of extremely low bids and budgets for most keywords and campaigns.

Because of this, we started by adjusting the campaign budgets and keywords bids before adjusting any targeting or campaigns.

After a few weeks of adjustment, we were able to see a nice increase in sales while keeping the ACoS at a respectable 15% ACoS.

Once the client was comfortable, we started to expand the campaigns and remove duplicate campaigns that would make scaling the campaigns difficult.

We are now on our way to expanding our campaigns at a pace that is comfortable for the client.

  • Adjusting Campaign Budgets and Bids: By understanding the cost of the products being advertised, we were able to adjust bids to a level that would still make the keywords profitable and competitive. This is key to be competitive without sacrificing profitability.
  • Expanding Keyword Targeting: After pouring through search term reports, we found a very large amount of search terms that had great sales history that we could convert into keywords. This made our campaigns immediately grow while remaining profitable.
  • Reducing Campaign Duplication: There were many campaigns that were advertising the same keywords and products at different bids and daily budgets. This makes scaling almost impossible and something we prioritized before we started to increase campaign budgets.

The Results

  • We increased sales over 113% (from $56,304 to $120,147) during the first 5 months of management when compared to the previous 5 months.
  • The average ACoS went from 13.1% to 16.3% since we started to manage the campaigns.
  • The client has seen a large increase in overall sales outside of advertising during the last 5 months.
“Dan and System & Sales really knows what they are doing and has been very reliable. Excellent communication throughout the project and highly recommended.”
– Cindy Singleton, Desert Breeze Distributing