From Scaling Amazon Advertising for 700+ Products: A Case Study with $733K in Revenue

Project Overview


The client has over 700 products on Amazon and didn’t have any organized advertising running.


Define a strategy that could scale and effectively advertise their products profitably.


In less than a year, we developed a scalable advertising strategy that generated $733K from scratch.

The Client

Our client, a seller with over 700 products on Amazon, approached us with a unique challenge. Despite having a vast inventory, they had no organized advertising in place, and were struggling to increase sales and remain competitive in the marketplace. With no clear strategy in place, they needed to define a scalable and effective advertising plan that would generate profitable sales and help their business grow.

We worked closely with the client to understand their needs and goals, and to develop a comprehensive advertising strategy that would target the right audience and drive sales. We knew that we had to build a scalable plan that would work across all their products, while also being cost-effective and profitable.

In less than a year, we were able to develop and implement a successful advertising plan that generated $733K in sales from scratch. In this case study, we will explore the challenges our client faced and the strategies we used to help them achieve their goals and grow their business.

Project Goals & Expectations

Our plan also involved ongoing optimization and refinement, as we closely monitored the performance of our advertising campaigns and made adjustments as needed. Through this ongoing optimization, we were able to continually improve the effectiveness of our advertising efforts and generate significant growth for our client’s business.

In the following sections, we will explore each element of our plan in greater detail and highlight the specific strategies and tactics we used to help our client achieve their goals.

  1. Research and Analysis: We started by conducting extensive research to understand the client’s products, competition, target audience, and market trends. We analyzed their existing data on Amazon, including product performance, customer reviews, and search terms, to identify areas of opportunity and potential roadblocks.
  2. Advertising Strategy Development: Based on our research and analysis, we developed a comprehensive advertising strategy that aligned with the client’s goals and budget. We identified the most effective ad formats, targeting options, and bidding strategies to reach the target audience and drive sales. We also created a testing plan to optimize the ads for maximum performance.
  3. Campaign Setup and Management: Once the advertising strategy was finalized, we set up campaigns on Amazon and started running ads. We monitored the performance closely and made adjustments based on the data to ensure optimal results. We also optimized the product listings and content to improve organic search visibility and customer conversion rates.
  4. Reporting and Analysis: We provided regular reports to the client to keep them informed about the performance of the advertising campaigns and the overall sales growth. We also conducted ongoing analysis to identify areas of improvement and made recommendations for future optimization.
  5. Continued Optimization: As the advertising campaigns continued, we continued to optimize the ads and product listings based on the data to ensure maximum profitability. We also explored new advertising opportunities on Amazon and other platforms to expand the reach and drive further growth.

In conclusion, our team was able to help the client overcome significant obstacles and achieve their goals through a comprehensive advertising and marketing strategy. By leveraging our expertise in Amazon advertising, we were able to develop a scalable approach that not only generated significant revenue but also helped to establish the client as a major player in their industry.

Throughout the process, we remained focused on achieving measurable results and adjusting our approach as needed. We utilized a data-driven approach to continually optimize campaigns, testing new strategies and targeting tactics to ensure maximum return on investment.

Overall, we are proud of the success we were able to achieve for this client and look forward to continuing to help them grow and succeed in the future.

The Results

  • We were able to develop a scalable advertising strategy that effectively promoted our client's 700+ products on Amazon.
  • Our strategy helped to increase the visibility and discoverability of the client's products, leading to a significant increase in sales.
  • The advertising campaign generated $733K in sales in less than a year, a significant improvement from the client's previous sales figures.
  • Our approach not only helped the client achieve their goals of profitable advertising, but it also provided a solid foundation for continued growth and success in the future.
  • By leveraging our expertise and experience in Amazon advertising, we were able to help the client overcome their initial challenges and achieve remarkable results.
“Daniel really knows what he’s doing and has been very reliable. Excellent communication throughout the project. He was really thorough in his analysis and provided clear action items. Will be working with him again!”
– Mark Sliman, Owner – Duraflow Filtration