Unconventional Success: How We Generated $2.78 Million in Amazon Sales with Little Product Differentiation

Project Overview


This client had zero experience selling on Amazon, but had some products he thought would sell well.


He was looking for an ad agency that could help start and grow his Amazon business.


Over the past 4 years, we have generated just over $2.78 million in sales and have become a category leader.

The Client

When our client first approached us, they had attempted to run their advertising account for the previous 2 years. With a large catalog of over 340 products, organizing and create effective advertising campaigns became difficult. Understanding that there was a market on Amazon and that advertising was necessary, they turned to us to help them.

Initially, they had us audit their account and see if there was room for improvement. Almost immediately, we identified a structural issue that was holding them back. The problem stemmed from multiple products being advertised across multiple ad campaigns using the same keyword and match type.

Furthermore, they were only advertising about a third of their catalog. Part of this was because they didn’t have a strategy put in place to scale, but the other part was because they didn’t feel comfortable investing more advertising dollars without expertise behind their efforts.

After managing the campaigns themselves for the previous 2 years and facing lackluster results, they reached out to us to help them out.

Project Goals & Expectations

Our client approached us with the challenge of building a successful Amazon sales channel from scratch for their commodity products. As a new brand without any existing customer base or product reviews, they faced significant obstacles in establishing themselves on the highly competitive Amazon marketplace.

To achieve success for our client, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that included extensive keyword research, listing creation and optimization, review generation, targeted advertising campaigns, inventory management, and monitoring and analytics.

To achieve success for our client, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that included the following elements:

  1. Keyword Research: We conducted extensive keyword research to identify relevant keywords that would be effective for the product listings. This involved analyzing search terms, researching competitor listings, and utilizing Amazon’s own keyword tools.
  2. Listing Creation and Optimization: We built the product listings from scratch and optimized them to ensure they were highly visible and attractive to potential customers. This included crafting compelling product titles, writing engaging product descriptions, and selecting appropriate product images.
  3. Review Generation: We worked with the client to generate product reviews, which are crucial for building credibility and trust with potential customers. This involved implementing a review generation strategy, reaching out to customers for feedback, and leveraging Amazon’s own review tools.
  4. Advertising Campaigns: We created targeted advertising campaigns to drive traffic to the product listings and increase sales. This included optimizing ad copy, targeting specific keywords and customer demographics, and adjusting bids to maximize return on investment.
  5. Inventory Management: We helped the client manage inventory levels to ensure they always had enough product in stock to meet demand without overspending on excess inventory.
  6. Monitoring and Analytics: We continuously monitored the performance of the product listings and advertising campaigns, utilizing Amazon’s own analytics tools and other software solutions to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement.

Through the implementation of these strategies, we were able to build a successful Amazon sales channel for our client, generating over $2.78 million in total sales since 2019.

The Results

  • $2.78 Million Dollars in total sales generated over the past 4 years starting from scratch.
  • Becoming the category leader over the past year with strong organic growth.
  • 3 of the top 10 products rank #1 for top organic search terms.
  • Client has continued to expand catalog and plans to add several new product lines in 2023.
“Dan Paluska and System & Sales are the real deal. I've worked with Dan for over four years, and he helped us start our Amazon business from scratch. Thanks to his expertise, we saw a 68% increase in total sales in 2022, our most profitable year yet. Dan is knowledgeable, dedicated, and truly cares about our success. I can't recommend him highly enough.”
– Raj Karla, Managing Director – Street Bridge Group