From $706K to $2.13M: A Case Study on How we Tripled Revenue on Amazon

Project Overview


The client had hired an ad agency but saw stagnant growth during the 6 months they worked with them.


They were looking increase growth and stop the stagnant growth they had experienced.


During our first 6 months working with them, we tripled revenue from $706K to $2.13M year-over-year.

The Client

We were approached by our client who owns a company that sells nutritional supplements on Amazon. Despite having hired an ad agency to manage their Amazon account for six months, they were seeing stagnant growth and struggling to increase revenue. They turned to us to help them overcome this obstacle and achieve significant revenue growth.

We began by conducting a thorough audit of their Amazon account to identify areas for improvement. We found that the prior agency had been using a one-size-fits-all approach to their advertising strategy, which was resulting in low conversion rates and poor visibility in Amazon’s search results. We recommended that they optimize their campaigns and implement a tailored management approach that would deliver the results they were looking for.

Over the next six months, we worked closely with them to implement these recommendations and refine their Amazon advertising strategy. The results were nothing short of impressive. In just six months, their revenue on Amazon tripled from $706K to $2.13M year-over-year. This represented a remarkable 202.82% increase in revenue and exceeded their growth goals by a wide margin.

In this case study, we will examine in detail the strategies and tactics that we used to achieve this impressive growth on Amazon. We will also provide insights into how other e-commerce companies can implement similar strategies to achieve their own growth goals on Amazon.

Project Goals & Expectations

When our client approached us with their unique challenge, we knew we had our work cut out for us. With limited data, resources, and advertising experience, we needed to develop a comprehensive strategy to increase both their advertised and organic sales as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we had a few things working in our favor, namely a top-rated product line with solid reviews and years of sales history.

Our plan involved a multi-pronged approach that focused on both advertising and organic growth strategies. By combining our expertise in advertising and marketing with our knowledge of the client’s products and target audience, we were able to create a holistic plan that leveraged the strengths of each approach. In the following sections, we will break down our plan and explore each step in detail, highlighting the key tactics and strategies that we used to achieve massive sales growth for our client.

  1. Conducted thorough market research: Before developing any strategies, we conducted extensive research to understand the competitive landscape and identify the most effective advertising channels and messaging for our client’s products.
  2. Defined target audience: Using data from the market research, we developed a clear understanding of our client’s target audience and created buyer personas to guide our advertising efforts.
  3. Optimized product listings: We carefully reviewed and optimized our client’s product listings, including product titles, descriptions, and images, to ensure they were compelling, informative, and optimized for Amazon’s search algorithm.
  4. Implemented Sponsored Products campaigns: We developed and implemented a comprehensive Sponsored Products campaign strategy, including keyword research, campaign structure, and bidding strategies, to maximize visibility and drive sales.
  5. Launched Sponsored Brands campaigns: We developed and launched Sponsored Brands campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive sales.
  6. Monitored and optimized campaigns: We continually monitored and optimized our campaigns to ensure they were performing at the highest possible level. This included analyzing data, adjusting bids and targeting, and testing new ad creative.
  7. Utilized Amazon coupons and deals: We utilized Amazon’s coupon and deal promotions to encourage shoppers to buy our client’s products and increase sales.
  8. Provided detailed reporting and insights: We provided regular reporting and insights to our client, including detailed analysis of campaign performance, recommendations for optimization, and insights into their target audience and competitive landscape.

Overall, our plan was focused on maximizing our client’s advertising ROI and driving massive sales growth in a highly competitive category. By leveraging a combination of strategies and continuously monitoring and optimizing our efforts, we were able to achieve significant results for our client.

The Results

  • The client experienced a staggering 3X increase in sales in just one year, going from $706,000 to over $2.13 million in sales.
  • By leveraging a combination of advertising and marketing strategies, we were able to help the client reach their target audience and increase both their advertised and organic sales.
  • Despite facing significant challenges due to limited data and resources, we were able to develop a comprehensive advertising and marketing plan that drove significant growth for the business.
  • Our approach focused on building a strong brand identity and targeting the right audience through a combination of Amazon Advertising, social media marketing, and email campaigns.
  • As a result of our efforts, the client has become one of the top brands in their category, with a strong and loyal customer base that continues to drive growth and profitability for the business.
“Dan's expertise and dedication are unmatched, and he knows how to leverage the strengths of the Amazon marketplace to deliver results. He helped us achieve remarkable results in just three months, increasing our ad sales by 63% and our total revenue by 44%, all while maintaining profitability with only a 4% increase in ACoS. If you're looking for an Amazon Ad management expert who can take your business to new heights, look no further than Dan Paluska. He's a true professional who delivers results.”
– Albert Matheny, Owner – Promix Nutrition