From $99k to $2.09 Million in 1.5 Years: A Case Study in Massive Sales Growth

Project Overview


The client did very little advertising over the past 4 years and we had zero recent advertising data to work with.


They were looking to increase both advertised and organic sales as quickly as possible due to inventory costs and overall desire to grow business.


In the past 1.5 years we have generated just over $2.09 Million in sales and have made the brand one of the top in the category.

The Client

Our client, a company in the Tools & Home Improvement category, approached us with a unique challenge. They had been in business for over four years, but had done very little advertising and had minimal data to work with. They were struggling to increase sales and maintain profitability due to high inventory costs, and knew that they needed to take action in order to remain competitive.

However, unlike some struggling businesses, they were sitting on an untapped gold mine. Their products have an average rating of 4.6 and most average over 1,000 reviews. So we knew that if we could get the products in front of the correct audience, we would succeed.

Their goals were clear: they wanted to increase both their advertised and organic sales as quickly as possible. However, they faced significant challenges in achieving these goals. They lacked a clear understanding of their target audience and how to effectively reach them, and they had limited resources to invest in advertising.

Despite these challenges, we were able to work closely with the client to develop and implement a comprehensive advertising and marketing strategy that drove significant growth for their business. Over the past 1.5 years, our efforts have resulted in just over $2.09 Million in sales, making the client one of the top brands in their category.

In this case study, we will explore the strategies we used to help our client achieve massive sales growth and become a dominant force in their industry.

Project Goals & Expectations

When our client approached us with their unique challenge, we knew we had our work cut out for us. With limited data, resources, and advertising experience, we needed to develop a comprehensive strategy to increase both their advertised and organic sales as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we had a few things working in our favor, namely a top-rated product line with solid reviews and years of sales history.

Our plan involved a multi-pronged approach that focused on both advertising and organic growth strategies. By combining our expertise in advertising and marketing with our knowledge of the client’s products and target audience, we were able to create a holistic plan that leveraged the strengths of each approach. In the following sections, we will break down our plan and explore each step in detail, highlighting the key tactics and strategies that we used to achieve massive sales growth for our client.

  1. Conducted Thorough Market Research: Before developing any strategies, we conducted extensive research to understand the competitive landscape and identify the most effective advertising channels and messaging for our client’s products.
  2. Defined Target Audience: Using data from the market research, we developed a clear understanding of our client’s target audience and created buyer personas to guide our advertising efforts.
  3. Optimized Product Listings: We carefully reviewed and optimized our client’s product listings, including product titles, descriptions, and images, to ensure they were compelling, informative, and optimized for Amazon’s search algorithm.
  4. Implemented Sponsored Products Campaigns: We developed and implemented a comprehensive Sponsored Products campaign strategy, including keyword research, campaign structure, and bidding strategies, to maximize visibility and drive sales.
  5. Launched Sponsored Brands Campaigns: We developed and launched Sponsored Brands campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive sales.
  6. Monitored and Optimized Campaigns: We continually monitored and optimized our campaigns to ensure they were performing at the highest possible level. This included analyzing data, adjusting bids and targeting, and testing new ad creative.
  7. Utilized Amazon Coupons and Deals: We utilized Amazon’s coupon and deal promotions to encourage shoppers to buy our client’s products and increase sales.
  8. Provided Detailed Reporting and Insights: We provided regular reporting and insights to our client, including detailed analysis of campaign performance, recommendations for optimization, and insights into their target audience and competitive landscape.

Overall, our plan was focused on maximizing our client’s advertising ROI and driving massive sales growth in a highly competitive category. By leveraging a combination of strategies and continuously monitoring and optimizing our efforts, we were able to achieve significant results for our client.

The Results

  • The client experienced a staggering 2,003% increase in sales in just 1.5 years, going from $99,000 to over $2.09 million in sales.
  • By leveraging a combination of advertising and marketing strategies, we were able to help the client reach their target audience and increase both their advertised and organic sales.
  • Despite facing significant challenges due to limited data and resources, we were able to develop a comprehensive advertising and marketing plan that drove significant growth for the business.
  • Our approach focused on building a strong brand identity and targeting the right audience through a combination of Amazon Advertising, social media marketing, and email campaigns.
  • As a result of our efforts, the client has become one of the top brands in their category, with a strong and loyal customer base that continues to drive growth and profitability for the business.
“System & Sales has tripled our revenue over the past year making us a seven figure seller on Amazon. More importantly, Dan is wonderful to work with and a wealth of knowledge. He has guided our business development by helping us with everything from supply change management to advertising. Dan is an indispensable part of our business growth."”
– Mike Mosiman, Owner – Spectrum Products