65% Increase in Profitable Sales Over 8 Months

Project Overview


The client couldn’t find the time necessary to manage his ad accounts as his company grows.


Outsource ad management to a professional who can help grow sales and lower ACoS.


Increased sales 65% over the past 8 months from $144,593 to $238,314 with a modest increase in ACoS.

The Client

​When the client approached us, he was completely overwhelmed. He had started his company out of his garage with 2 ASINs. Over the last 3 years, he has expanded to over 65 ASINs. Also, he also expanded his Amazon business to sell in Canada as well.

As with most startups, he had started managing his advertising himself to both save money and understand how advertising worked on Amazon.

He had hired a few freelancers over the last few years, but none of them added any value to his company and in most cases, left him to clean up a mess.

So completely frustrated, he reached out to us.

Project Goals & Expectations

When we audited the account, we found evidence of many different attempts to increase sales using different ad campaign approaches. However, we also found evidence of many loose-ends never being tied up.

So, when we approached this account, we knew that we had to clean up a lot of the mess and plug a lot of holes. In some cases, some products had never been advertised that the client was under the impression were being advertised.

In summary, his account is very typical to what we deal with when taking over an existing account.

  1. Clean Up the Existing Campaigns: In some cases, there were 3 or 4 campaigns, all targeting the same keywords and products. We consolidated these into one discovery campaign and one protected campaign. By consolidating, we can assign different budgets for discovering new keywords and increase the budget for keywords and ASINs that are performing well.
  2. Prioritize the ASINs being Advertised: In almost every case, some variations were highly unprofitable that were stealing clicks away from the profitable ASINs being advertised for the same keyword. We sat down with the client, as we always do, and prioritized the ASINs and figured out which ones to promote and which ones we should ignore.
  3. Implemented Our Weekly and Monthly Management Protocol: Although the client was regularly looking at the account, he didn’t have the time or any established protocol to adjust bids, add new keywords, etc… So, we implemented both our daily and monthly protocols to make sure that the account is always heading in the right direction and not wasting ad spend.
  4. Created a Well-Rounded Targeting Structure: In most cases, there were only manual campaigns that were enabled. We believe that manual campaigns are only part of the puzzle. Adding a well-managed automatic campaign and product targeting campaign for each ASIN being targeted takes full advantage of the Amazon advertising platform and helps us build more complete and robust campaigns.

The Results

  • 65% increase in ad sales over the last 8 months. Growing sales from $144,593 to $238,314 during that period.
  • 60% Overall sales increase when non-advertised sales are included. Also, the organic ranking of the products increased greatly and he is seeing a very nice trajectory in sales organically that is following the ad campaign growth.
  • ACOS slightly increased from 21.42% to 26.45%. This was a planned increase and is still well within the profitable space for the client.
“They manage all of my own Amazon PPC campaigns with their G.B.C Ad Management System. They have saved us a lot of money in the long term, and can’t recommend them enough.”
– Ryan Osborn - CEO, Moba Fitness