Canadian Amazon Ad Campaign Delivers Massive $123,905 Sales Boost

Project Overview


The had shipped products to Amazon Canada but didn’t have the time to build the advertising campaigns.


Start to profitably advertise on Amazon Canada and expand overall sales.


Increased sales by 258% in 8 months from $48,112 to $172,017 all while maintaining an average ACoS 13.82%.

The Client

The client had been successfully selling his products on Amazon United States for a few years when he decided to expand into Canada.

After navigating importing his products into Canada, he turned to start to replicate his advertising campaigns that he was running on Amazon in the United States. Although he had a low ACoS, his results weren’t as great as he had hoped.

Instead of focusing on Canada, he put his efforts into expanding in the US Amazon marketplace and leaving what he had built in Canada on.

In early 2019, he reached out to us to see if we could help take over the account and improve his results.

Project Goals & Expectations

When we took over, the client had only launched 6 campaigns with an additional 14 needed to complete his marketing efforts. So part of our plan was to build the new campaigns.

However, we also took on the effort of rebuilding the 6 campaigns that were already running. The reason was that he never fully completed any of the 6 campaigns that he initially launched. There were keywords that were never turned on, products that weren’t being advertised, and as a result, a lot of money being left behind.

  1. Build the Remaining Campaigns Out: There were 14 product-lines that weren’t being advertised. We wanted to make sure that those were taken care of and advertised properly.
  2. Rebuild the Existing Campaigns: Between low bids and partially launched campaigns, there was a lot of room for improvement in the existing campaigns. We made sure that any problem areas were addressed.
  3. Expand Marketing Efforts: The client only had manual campaigns launched. We believe that when properly optimized, a manual campaign, automatic, and product-targeted campaigns can work together to produce superior results. So, we built out the additional campaigns to round out the marketing efforts.

The Results

  • Growth of advertised sales from $48,112 to $172,017 during the first 8 months of managing the account.
  • Maintaining an average ACoS of 13.28% during our management period.
  • Growing overall sales (including advertised sales) from $141,646 to $387,235 during our management period.
“Incredible ADOPS professional. Was able to get my Average Cost of Sale to be very profitable. Always provides updates every week without prompt and provide actionable and informative monthly summaries.”
– Chris McDonald - Owner, NGW Distributing