How to Find the Best Amazon Private Label Suppliers for Your Product

Sometimes, you?ll have a perfect idea for a product in mind from the outset, but face the challenge of finding a manufacturer somewhere in the world to actually produce and supply it. Always seek out a producer you can actually talk to on the phone, or travel to meet face to face. You can use various tools and methods, such as Panjiva or Import Genius, to find your competitors? manufacturers, and ask local governments for help keeping your own suppliers confidential.

Key Takeaways:

  • For peace of mind and a better bead on what you’re getting, locate a supplier that you can negotiate with face to face, or on the phone.
  • One company locates the factory options used by a brand’s competitors and arms clients with this useful information.
  • For DIY merchants you can often find a brand name owner by using an online trademark search system and then use a tool, like Genius, to locate their supplier.

“You know what you want and you have a budget in mind, and now you need to find a facility somewhere in the world that you will entrust to build and deliver your products to your warehouse of choice.”

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