The Best Follow Up Email Services That Prompt Valuable Feedback

When it comes to having an effective email marketing campaign, there are numerous things that go into the strategy, ranging from the email itself, as well as the follow up and feedback that is received from each campaign. Implementing the right tools and resources that will allow for these factors to be analyzed upon the completion of each campaign is crucial in order to better understand exactly what the customers may want and need, and better cater to them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Private label products sold on Amazon are claimed by Amazon as their products, although sellers take a proprietary interest in following up with customers.
  • Salesbacker and Feedback Genius are two email services that Amazon sellers use to follow up with those that buy their products.
  • One favorite service, Feedback whiz, allows users to know who their buyers are, to insert gifts and to know about negative reviews immediately.

“While there are many follow up email services out there, some of the most successful sellers on Amazon have their favorites in terms of ease of use and strategies.”

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