How to Increase Sales on Amazon: What We’ve Learned from Working with 8,000+ Brands

Selling products on Amazon can often be challenging — and frustrating when you do not understand why you can’t get any buyers. Thankfully, there are many simple strategies that can get you on a path to higher traffic on Amazon. First, optimizing your listing is absolutely crucial. Use keywords and listing builder tools to make sure Amazon lists your products high. Second, try to increase your review counts. And, lastly, you can hold a giveaway, which is sure to attract new customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon traffic relies on many factors and can often prove confusing and frustrating for many vendors.
  • Make sure to optimize the keywords in your product description to make it appear higher on lists.
  • Think of creative ways to attract customers, like giveaways or other promotions — and always encourage ratings.

“it takes a combination of things to convert sales. Make sure your entire listing is strong from top to bottom.”

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