Amazon Listing Optimization

We’ll Help Optimize both Your New and Existing Listings

Poorly Optimized Listings Impact…

Listing Health is Critical to Sales Performance on Amazon

Amazon & Google SEO Rankings

How Well Your Product Stands Out

Customer and Brand Loyalty

Paid Advertising Performance

Higher Returns Due to Confusion

Marketplace Compliance

Looking to avoid listing issues? Reach out today, and we will help get you on the right track.

Everything You Need for Your Listings to Succeed on Amazon

Here are just a few of the benefits that our clients experience…

Amazon A10 Search Algorithm Optimized Listings

We make sure that your listings are optimized for the A10 search algorithm that powers the search results and drives product discoverability and SEO for your Amazon listings.

Optimized for PPC Performance

How an Amazon listing is written directly influences the performance of your advertising campaigns. We make sure that your listing is optimized and not hindering performance.

Proven Amazon Copywriting System

We have spent years honing our craft and know how to write your headlines, bullets, description, and backend keywords to attract shoppers and increase sales.

2020 Quick Facts:

Generated $2.4m in Sales

Produced 60,478 Orders

“They really know their stuff, comes with new ideas and advice, driving projects to completion on time, they offer clear guidance and options based on data-driven analysis, and is an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way!”

– Kim Halmekangas
Senior Director of Ecommerce

A Few of Our Clients…

Optimize Both Your New and Existing Amazon Listings

We have everything you need to grow your sales and brand on Amazon.

Complete Listing

Designed for new listings and total overhauls of existing listings. We deliver researched and optimized copy designed to convert shoppers into buyers.

Listing Optimization

Perfect for existing listings where we design a custom optimization plan focused on improving individual listing elements rather than the entire listing.

Not sure which one is best for you? Reach out today, and we will help you figure that out!

What Makes Us Different…

Initially when we started helping brands on Amazon, our focus was exclusively on managing their advertising campaigns (and still do). However, over time we saw that there was clearly a connection between the quality of the listing and overall campaign performance. In fact, it was so obvious, that we started studying what made these listings different.

Eventually, we started working with a few select clients to start optimizing their listings. We saw a performance increase both from the advertised and non-advertised sales that was undeniable.

Instead of keeping this a secret and only helping a few clients, we turned our approach into a repeatable process that we now deliver to far more clients both new and existing.

Your Amazon Listing Optimization Options…

Whether you are a new or existing seller, you have options…

Complete Listing Package

When you need an SEO and PPC optimized Amazon listing, this is the package that you need. We start with getting a thorough understanding of your product. Then we conduct our keyword research to find the high-value keywords that your listing needs to drive sales. Finally, we develop the content for your listings and deliver what you need for your listings to have success on Amazon.

  • 1 Keyword Optimized Title
  • 5 Benefit Driven Bullet Points
  • HTML or Enhanced Brand Product Description
  • SEO Optimized Back-end keyword list
  • Competitor and Keyword Research

Pricing Starting At:

$339/ Per Listing

Ongoing Listing Optimization

If you have existing listings, in most cases it doesn’t make sense to re-write the entire listing. However, do you know if you should optimize your title, bullet points, pricing, etc…? Those questions and more get answered with our optimization services. Through a custom ASIN-specific plan, we will systematically optimize your listings to maximize the sales and discoverability of your products.

  • Custom Listing Optimization Plan
  • 2 Listing Tests a Month
  • Focused Optimization on Titles, Bullet Points, Description, and Pricing
  • Dedicated Listing Optimization Manager
  • Monthly Listing Optimization Reporting
  • Keyword Tracking

Pricing Starting At:

$75 Per Listing /mo

Frequently Asked Questions…

Below are a few of the common questions that we frequently receive.

Complete Listing Package Questions:

How much do products with variations cost?
Depending on the amount of variation, we will often just charge for 1 listing and provide you with the child variation copy for free.

Do you offer discounts for multiple listings?
Unless there is a lot of overlap between the listings, we typically do not offer discounts for high volume orders. However, contact us, and we will be happy to look at your situation.

What is the turnaround time?
Typically it is between 10–15 business days, however, delivery times change frequently so reach out to see what our current delivery time is.

Should I rewrite or optimize what I have?
If your listing has consistent sales, we typically recommend our optimization service rather than a full listing rewrite. However, in certain situations, a full listing rewrite might be the best option.

Who writes my product listing?
We have U.S.-based native English writers that are trained specifically on how to write and optimize Amazon listings.

Will my listing include HTML coding?
Yes, if your listing has a standard description instead of an A+ (EBC) product description, then we will provide you with an HTML optimized listing.

Do you write book listings?
Unfortunately, we do not. Book listings are much different than product listings and we don’t have a lot of experience with them.

Are there any types of products you don’t write for?
If it can be listed on Amazon, then we will take it on.

Do you write in languages other than English?
Unfortunately, at this time, our expertise is focused on English listings. However, we are happy to consult with you to make sure the non-English listings are optimized correctly.

Listing Optimization Questions:

What if my listing is already optimized?
The fact is, a listing is not entirely “optimized”. Between the rules changing on Amazon, which they often do, to new competitors joining Amazon, sales for your previously top-selling products can slowly start to erode. By continually reviewing your optimization strategy, you can make sure that your sales grow instead of decline.

Is this A/B testing?
Yes, this is exactly what we are doing. However, “A/B” testing is more of a technical term that can get a little confusing, so we stuck with “listing optimization” instead.

What fields do you test?
We test everything that can be changed on the listing. From the main product image to the price, we test it all.

Do you provide graphic design / photography?
Unfortunately, we do not provide that in-house. However, we consult with our clients on what we think should be tested and ideas to make that happen.

Why only 2 tests per month?
We need data in order to make an informed decision on whether the test was successful or not. Typically, we find that it takes between 10 – 14 days to gather enough data to make an informed decision.

How will I know if a test is successful?
We pull reports directly from your seller account to determine whether the listing optimization test was successful or not. After each test, we will give you a synopsis of what happened, and then a more detailed report at the end of the month.

What if the test wasn’t successful?
Sometimes this happens. Thankfully, we always make a backup of the listing prior to making any changes. When we have an unsuccessful test, we will revert the listing to the prior state, and use that useful information to make our future tests more successful.

Your Plan for Getting Started…

Knowing whether we are a good fit for each other starts with a simple conversation.

Step 1: Schedule Your Discovery Call

The discovery call is designed to see if we are a good fit and get a better understanding of your unique business, situation, and goals.

Step 2: Tell us about Your Product(s)​

If we are a good fit, we will send a questionnaire so that we can get the details about your products and how to position them.

Step 3: Receive Your New Listing Copy​

Once we have everything we need, we will get to work and within 10–15 days we will deliver your optimized listing(s).

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